new! original! wow!

one of the perils of having this blog is that i feel all sorts of pressure to make REAL food and not just junk. i feel almost guilty or something if i just want to eat a few mini-bonbel cheeses on a night that i'm home and not baking something.

isnt that kinda dumb? particularly since like, 6 people read this. and i'm related to 3 of them.

one of the things i like to do on those guilty nights is chat with a nameless friend of mine and make fun of the pretentiousness that goes into some food blogs. we dont make fun of the ones that are truly THAT good - or the ones who freely admit that they are making other people's recipes - only the ones who think they like, invented putting sliced cheese between bread with some butter and cooking it... (that would be grilled cheese for the slow people in the back ;) )

in that vein, i decided that i needed to come up with my own NEW! ORIGINAL! DONT TRY AND STEAL THIS! recipe...

this one was inspired by a couple of my favorite products

< - one brandy new to the grocery store shelves

and another old standby, straight from the college days... ->

add those two lifesavers to a little smoked fresh mozzarella and a whirl through the spice rack and voila...

***the pizza bagel***

Fancy Shmancy Pizza Bagels
courtesy of my big, creative brain

1 Thomases' Square Bagel Bread

2 - 3 Tbps Newman's Own Sockarooni Spagetti Sauce

Fresh smoked mozzarella (lightly salted) - about the size of a golfball

Crushed red pepper

Garlic powder

Italian seasoning mix

Preheat oven to 375°

put half of the sauce on one side of the bagelbread, half on the other

cut the mozzarella into pieces. i like them on the smaller side, so that it takes like 7 - 8 pieces to nicely cover each square, but feel free to really express yourself here

sprinkle with a little crushed red pepper, a little garlic and some italian seasonings

throw in the oven (on a piece of aluminum foil - no need to dirty a pan for this gourmet treat) for about 5-10 minutes, until bagelbread is just starting to get a little brown on the edges and cheese is a little melty


roopa said...

I love you for posting this. Totally totally love you.

Although currently hating because I really want a pizza bagel now and will probably buy bagels on my way home tonight so I can have one.

roopa said...

I also appreciate that you list your ingredients in the order in which they are used. It's the mark of a person who can write good ORIGINAL RECIPES.

Anonymous said...

oh my do i want a pizza bagel right now...

as one of the regular (like daily) readers of your blog, i think i should be treated to some of your culinary delights.

i'm back in the office november 5th, feel free to bring welcome back brownies! or pizza bagels! or pear thingies!

N2GJ Gerry said...

as one of your 3 readers who isn't related (except by parental-unit friendship) I have to say I admire your creativity, K! It's not always about coming up with some pretentious new, original yet obscure, foodstuffs -- what marks the creative soul is one who can take an old idea and twist it around a bit, break conventions, and reinvent it. it's also great that you use stuff that doesn't require a trip overseas to get the ingredients! keep it up! (note judicious lack of capital letters!)

beagle said...


Thistlemoon said...

An oldie but goodie! Who says that's not real food?! Rock on with your pizza bagel self!

Welcome to The Foodie Blogroll too!

Critics' Pick Admin said...

I love love love pizza bagels. Actually, I love love love bagels in general.

I have to find that bagelbread. And make this. Now. Even though I've already had dinner. I'll call it dessert.

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