all reduced to this...

work is kicking my ass... the 60 hour weeks are in full force already - and its only january.

life is also kicking my ass... smack in the middle of that 60 hour week was a day and a half of sick time due to a broken wisdom tooth which needed to come out - stat.

therefore, not only do i not have time to cook, but even if i did, i'd only be able to eat mushy things...

so its come down to break and bake cookies...


sadly, you can still make out the square lines if you look closely.


junior, they'll be on my desk tomorrow.

Break & Bake cookies
courtesy of Toll House

1 package "break & bake" chocolate chip walnut cookies

go to grocery store.
buy prepackaged, premade cookie dough.

come home.
preheat oven to 350°
remember to remove the pizza stone that you store in the oven before it gets too hot.

cut open package.
break cookies apart along the pre-cut lines.

arrange 22 of the 24 on that pizza stone that you use for EVERYTHING due to its low-maintenance nature. eat the other two, raw. explain to your mother that no, worms will not grow in your belly and really, she's an adult and should have figured that out by now.

bake for ~ 12 mins.

remove from oven.

photograph for your blog

let cool for 2 minutes, get impatient, scrape one off and eat it.
notice that its still raw inside.

turn the oven back on (or pat yourself on the back for not turning it off) and put them back in for another 3 - 4 minutes while you upload your pictures.

pull back out of the oven and cool.

finish posting blog.


roopa said...

Your directions are totally better than the ones on the package.

Just so you know, I'm about to make myself some ramen noodles for dinner, so really, don't feel bad about the cookies.

Anonymous said...

You crack me up!

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