diet : postponed

you know how most people get the stomach flu and lose weight?

yeah, not me.

immediately following said stomach flu, i decided to injest 1/2 lb of cheese. ok, fine, i gave the dog a bite or two, but mostly, that 1/2 lb was ALL me.

see, i was feeling a little sorry for myself. 2 of my best friends were up for the weekend so that we could celebrate my new position at work, enjoy a spa day and generally just have fun... but oh no, god decided to punish me for some unknown crime and give me some type of food poisioning or stomach flu instead, which lasted just long enough for me to miss out on all the fun.

anyway, normally when i'm feeling a little sorry for myself, i order up some grilled cheese. cause i rarely have regular old american cheese and bread in the house as i dont eat either often enough to justify it always being here... however, today i had to run out anyway and decided screw it, i'll buy myself the ingredients and make it for myself.

hrmpf. i'll show that stomach flu!

its weird - when i was a kid, my mom always made her grilled cheese in the oven, under the broiler. and i do have a special affinity for it made that way. but i also have a special affinity for butter and frying pans. and today was a butter and frying pan kind of day. partially cause i wanted butter, partially because i havent really figured out where the broiler is, exactly, in my oven (i dont know if the bottom pull out is the broiler or a storage drawer, so i just dont use it. i think its the broiler, but i feel dumb trying to figure it out. it makes me wonder why i'm willing to admit it here... anyway...)

i also decided to change it up a little and go for a triple decker... one of the places i frequently order from does this (sometimes - its hit or miss) and i really kind of like it in that gluttonous way...


its really not so hard to make the triple decker - and it really is a lot better - particularly when you havent eaten much in 24 hours...


but the shame isnt in the fact that i made it a triple - the shame is in the fact that i made it twice...


Triple Decker Grilled Cheese
courtesy of me & moms everywhere

3/4 tbsp butter
3 slices white bread
4 slices american cheese (i used deli slices, but you can use kraft singles if you want. i wont judge)
more cheese for snacking while you are cooking (i will judge you if you snack on kraft singles)

melt butter on skillet over medium-low heat

eat a couple slices of the extra cheese

place all 3 slices of bread on skillet; let brown for about 2 mins

eat another piece of cheese. maybe share some with the dog.

flip one slice over when its just a bit tan

place one slice of cheese on the tan, cooked side

eat another slice or two of the extra cheese

in about another 30 seconds - 1 minute later, flip the other slices

place 1 slice of cheese on one of them
place 2 slices of cheese on the other one

eat one more slice of the extra cheese before returning it to the fridge

flip slice #1 onto the other slice with only one piece of cheese
flip the slice with 2 pieces on top of the sandwich you just made

cook the triple decker until cheese is melty, just about 30 seconds to 1 minute.

slice diagonally and serve


roopa said...

Please come over and make me a triple decker grilled cheese sandwich.

I am watching Food Network and Throwdown with Bobby Flay just came on. Guess what this episode is about: grilled cheese.

The world is conspiring to get me to eat a grilled cheese sandwich RIGHT NOW but alas there is no bread in my house :(

Anonymous said...

You know...I can't figure out my broiler either. I'm afraid to turn it on, because there are some kind of pan things in the bottom of my oven and, frankly, I don't want to look like a jackass!

Also, I'd hire you to be my grilled cheese cook any day, Kiki.

Rae said...

Our first apartment had a gas stove circa 1950 that frightened me. I refused to use either the oven or the broiler, which may or may not have been in a drawer. The oven scared me because it required use of a match, and I could envision me blowing up the house and thus ruining my newlywed bliss.

I usually put a pan lid over my grilled cheese as it cooks. It seems to steam the cheese and melt it better. I also set the timer to about 45 seconds, otherwise I have a seared and blackened cheese sandwich, which isn't nearly as good as grilled. When I'm feeling adventurous, I use Swiss.

I've never tried a triple-decker grilled cheese but now I am very intrigued and will try it asap!

Musicgurl said...

K, if your overn is like most modern ovens, your broiler is the drawer attached at the bottom.

Damn now I'm craving grilled cheese.

Erika_Scarlett said...

The extra slice of bread in the middle isn't gluttonous - it's necessary to soak up all the grease. ;-)

You've made me crave grilled cheese, too. You should do commercials. lol

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