a little time now, not much later

the problem with herbs is that they like to go bad. quickly.

this leaves you two options - either use them up, dry them out or, oh, wait, i said 2 options...

so as the parsley and basil were threatening to go bad, i figured it was time to do something... but i already had more pesto than i could eat in a year and frankly, i dont LOVE parsley enough to have much to do with it... add all of that to a super busy week and well, i was kinda disappointed that like, half of my CSA take for the week - the first week, when i should have been super-motivated - was going to go bad.

Enter garlic herb butter.

it super simple - take a softened stick of butter, some herbs, maybe some garlic and throw it all in that cute little mini-chopper... the proportions arent all that important, nor are the ingredients... whatever you have, whatever you like, throw it in... i wanted to use some of the scapes, some parsley and some basil and had heard a rumour (on our CSA google group) that garlic herb butter was good to keep on hand so that you could make quick garlic bread anytime the mood struck...


fabulous served with angel hair & garlic scape pesto...

Garlicy Herb Butter
Courtesy of me, inspired by posts on the Columbus Circle CSA Google group

~1/3 c garlic scapes
~1/3 c mixed herbs (i used parsley and basil)
1 stick of unsalted butter, softened

Throw garlic scapes and mixed herbs in minichopper and chop until well combined and all pieces are fairly small - somewhere between a sesame seed and a kernel of corn.

add softened butter, in pieces, and process until well combined.

scoop into a small bowl and wrap tightly. refrigerate and use for anything from garlic bread (above) to sauteeing veggies, seafood, etc.

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