get the cheese...

i've learned a very important piece of information... the best part of a CSA is the 'additional items'... to join, one always has to opt for a veggie share but beyond that, you are free to add on or not add on... some of the things available from the Columbus Circle CSA are fruit, milk, eggs, honey, yogurt, cheese and some kinds of meat... when i signed up, i opted for vegetables, eggs every other week and honey 3times during the season... what i've since learned is GET THE CHEESE...

one of the benefits of volunteering to work a closing time is if there is a lot left over, you might get to take a little extra... through the miracle that is people being on vacation and therefore not picking up their stuff, i got to take home some extra produce and a small milk and a cheese... i was most excited about the cheese...

cut it open as soon as i got home and for some reason, was inspired to make an all-CSA salad because as good as the cheese was, for some reason i just kinda knew it would be best eaten in a salad. which is weird, i know, but it was true... it kinda rocked.


All-CSA Salad
courtesy of the inspiration of the cheese

2 cups baby greens
1 hard boiled egg, chopped up
6 cherry tomatoes, halved
1/3 of a purple pepper cut into small pieces
2 carrots cut into small pieces
2 - 3 oz medium cheddar cut into small cubes

oil & raspberry vinager
salt & pepper

the directions are difficult... mix and enjoy

1 comment:

roopa said...

I'm sorry, I don't follow those directions. Please simplify them.

Aren't you such a model citizen what with your entirely locally grown dinner. Michael Pollan would be so proud of you.

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