tiny kitchen tricks

one of the biggest problems with cooking in a teeny-tiny kitchen (manhattan or otherwise) is counter space.  aside from not having room to knead, roll, measure, stir - there's no where to put a recipe and not have it end up destroyed by the end.

many people organize their internet-based recipes in binders and i'm no exception...  a quick trip to staples and a purchase of some sheet protectors and a binder and you are set and ready to go.  As soon as a recipe is deemed sheet-protector-worthy, into the binder it goes.  this serves to not only hold the recipes but also allows you to pull one out and put it on the counter - the sheet protector is easily cleaned off with a sponge and your recipe stays nice for next time.

on thanksgiving, this problem is compounded by the fact that you have 10 recipes going at once...

turns out the sheet protector method is good for more than just cleanliness - its good for space too.

after sitting with a pile of recipes on wednesday and having those slippery sheet protectors cause an avalance every time someone exhaled, i got smart...  grabbed the pony-tail holder ring that was hanging up in my bedroom and slid it through the top hole in those sheet protectors...


this not only allowed me to keep the recipes together and clean, but also allowed me to put them in the appropriate order and, most importantly, hang the entire thing from my cabinet knob...


allowing me to see exactly what i needed to do next without any mess or waste of space.

dont have a hair tie holder? its ok - this entire creation can be yours for the low price about $11.50 and one quick trip to staples:
Sheet Protectors - $7.49 for 25
2" Binder Rings - $3.99 for 9

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