I'm italian, so what i'm about to say must be true

i have the best tomato sauce recipe ever.

sorry grandma, but this stuff? this stuff that i did NOT spend all day and night cooking? its the best i've ever had.

I threw it together based on a recipe i saw on Sarah Nett and a roasted tomato soup i made a while back and oh.my.god. i want to marry this sauce...

(ironically, i didnt think it was the best match for the carrot gnocchis because it was just a bit too flavorful and they need something a bit lighter, but its the best for everything else i've ever had, ever.)

can you tell i'm in love?  seriously - I might have to break up with the meat eater so that i can be legally united with this sauce next october instead of him.  (sorry kid.  but how does Mrs. Kristen Tomatosauce sound?)


it took less than 5 minutes to prep, 45 to roast and then another 2 to process. and thats it.
do yourself a favor - grab a couple of mason jars and get ready to save the leftovers because you arent going to want to waste any of it...  (see suggestion for faux-parm at the bottom of the recipe)

Roasted Tomato Sauce
Courtesy of me

1 large can (28 oz) crushed San Marzano tomatoes
1 small onion - chopped
4 - 5 cloves of garlic - crushed and halved
dried basil
dried oregano
~3 tbsp olive oil

Preheat oven 450°

Spread crushed tomatoes (including juices) on lightly greased roasting pan
Sprinkle onion and garlic pieces around evenly
Shake basil and oregano over the top.  There should be enough that you can clearly see both and still clearly be able to see all of the other ingredients too
Salt and pepper based on your tastes (i like both, so i was pretty generous)
Drizzle olive oil over top of the tomatoes.  Not every spot needs to be covered and the oil should never be thick.  i slowly drizzled it back and forth, olive oil 'rows' about an inch or so apart.

Roast in the oven for ~45 minutes.

Once it is done, remove from oven and grab the pureeing apparatus of your choice (I used an immersion blender, but you could use a regular blender, food processor, mini-chopper - all would probably work fine) and process the sauce to your desired consistency.  I like a chunkier sauce so i only barely processed it - just enough to break up and chunks of onion or garlic but still leave me with some nice tomato pieces.

Serve over pasta.

Or, on a short-for-time night, use over top of chicken patties (real or vegetarian) with some mozzarella to make a quick faux-parm. (<- last night at my house, thankyouverymuch! :) )

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