2 point microwave cake for one

(formerly titled 'SSB for two*')

I seriously hate hate hate to quote sex and the city - so cliche! - yet sometimes, its the only way to express my thoughts on something...  but this truly is one of those things that should probably fall into the category of Secret Single Behaviour...

(this could also be called 'science experiment' or 'myth busters' or whatever other terms one could use for testing something found on the internet that seems too good to be true...)

somewhere along the way, i stumbled upon this recipe for '2 pt cake for 1'...  (the internet tells me its originally from http://www.skinnytaste.com/, but i cannot find it on that site, so i'm not sure...)
first we see the tell-tale points in the title meaning we're dealing with weight watchers (i'm a lifetime failure member, so know these things immediately...) which, um, the reason i left WW?  to eat real food instead of packaged chemicals and to avoid things like splenda being in everything i ate...  so i'm already skeptical.

then i read said recipe.  and now i'm REALLY skeptical...  i figure that, at best, this is going to fall somewhere between easy-bake oven cake and that crappy experiment that was microwave cake a number of years back.  neither of which is promising.

however, thats why i'm here and why i'm blogging - to tell you that this far exceeded my expectations.  that this actually isnt half bad!  i had the recipe sitting on our table long enough to intrigue the meat eater enough that he went out and purchased the ingredients so that we could try it sooner rather than later...


i know enough WW-math to know that 2 points of something like this cake is somewhere in the vicinity of 100 calories which is something that even I can fit into my diet most days...  and on a good day, it even leaves a bit of wiggle room to add a tablespoon of cream cheese frosting to it...

our low expectations caused us to only make one serving of it (making this '2 pt cake for 2') but we didnt end up throwing away the rest of the mix as i had guessed that we might (which would have made this a $6.00 shitty cupcake) but i'd love to figure out how long to microwave two of them at one time, cause i can assure you this will be made again.

*this isnt a relationship blog, but you have to admit, the best ones are when you get to share your secret single behaviours, dont you think?

2 point microwave cake for one
courtesy of the internet, possibly originating from skinnytable.com

For the mix:
1 box red velvet (or any other flavor) cake mix
1 box angel food cake


Combine thoroughly in a ziplock bag or other seal-able container

To make the cake:
1/4 cup of the mix (above)
2 tbsp water
frosting (optional - this adds another point or two, if you are counting)


Combine mix and water into a microwave safe mug (one of the ones that are glazed inside work best)
Stir until well combined to avoid cake-mix lumps
Microwave 1 minute on high.
Gently run a butterknife around the edges of the cake to loosen it from the sides then invert mug over to release cake onto a plate

Add a tablespoon of cream cheese (or other) frosting, if desired (the meat eater prefers it plain)

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