New York Hurricane

In one week, New York City would see an earthquake and a hurricane.

say what?

One cant prepare for an unusual earthquake, but as a fan of all things New Orleans, I couldnt let a hurricane (the storm) pass without making hurricanes (the drink) at home.  While others were preparing with milk and water and bread, i wanted to make sure i had the necessary ingredients for this most appropriate drink.


My version isnt all that different from the standard (i passed over a few of the versions i found online as they sounded just too teeth-rottingly sweet - something i have found true of the version served by Pat O's in NOLA) save for the fact that i had to make a small substitution of mango-passion fruit juice for the straight-up passion fruit due to a mixup which can be attributed to the mass confusion caused by the frantic shoppers of fairway when it was announced that fairway would be closing at 10am - 13 minutes from when the announcement was made...

In my quest to perfect the New York Hurricane, I ended up making 3 versions of this drink last night - all in the name of getting it just right for you.

Yeah, thats why i made 3.  no, really, it is.  stop laughing!  what kind of drunk do you think i am?

ok, fine.  you are right.  but my drunkardness is your gain, i swear.

New York Hurricane
adapted from about.com

2 oz light rum
2 oz dark rum
2 oz mango-passion fruit juice
1.5 oz orange juice
1 tbsp grenadine
1 tbsp simple syrup
juice from one lime
maraschino cherry (optional)


Place all ingredients, except the cherry, in a cocktail shaker and shake with 2-3 ice cubes to combine & chill

Serve in fun cocktail glass and throw a maraschino cherry in for good measure.  (cherry optional, but recommended)

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