Introducing Pepperplate links!

(i'm going to wax poetic about my ipad for a moment here, but even if you dont have one, keep reading - this is for you too...)

so, about a year ago, i started thinking that maybe i wanted an ipad...  i'd spent many months making fun of what i felt was basically an overgrown phone that you couldnt use to make calls... (incidentally, my 3 year old nephew actually calls his dad's ipad 'the big phone') and didnt see why anyone would want one, but then, one day, it hit me.

i need this in the kitchen.

so when ipad 2 came out, i was right there on the pre-order bandwagon. I thought it would be great to have my recipes online instead of on random printed sheets all over the apartment.

and it was.

but, of course, i needed just a little more... So i went searching.

and i found the Pepperplate app.  a way to store recipes and turn them into menu plans?  score. exactly what i needed.

and, as it turns out, a lot more...

see, they have a website too (told you this wasnt all ipad love) and its amazing.  AMAZING.

Between the site and the app, you can do a million things...

  • import recipes directly from supported sites
  • use the bookmarklet on your browser to do a simple copy/paste of recipes from unsupported sites
  • create manual recipes
  • edit recipes for your modifications, no matter their origin
  • menu plan
  • create shopping lists, customized for your grocery store
  • keep your ipad awake while cooking in the app
  • share your recipes with others and allow them to import those recipes into their own pepperplate accounts.

and, oh yeah, its FREE.

So the other day i started thinking - how do i use this on Kitchen Hell?  So i tweeted the lovely @pepperplateapp people and asked - is there a way to create and share these links? and within moments, they got back to me with the details.

Therefore, from now on, any time i post a recipe, there will be a Pepperplate link under the title/creator - but before the ingredients - which will allow you to import that recipe into your own account.

(it also creates a clean print if you don't want to use an online version of said recipe)

I'll be going through the archives and adding links to old posts, but if you see any you want converted sooner rather than later, just drop me a line (or use the bookmarklet).

I hope you love Pepperplate as much as I do.  And no, this was NOT a paid or requested endorsement - i really, truly just think this site/app are that useful that i wanted to share :)


~*sim*~ said...

<3 pepperplate!! thank you for retro-converting your recipe archive to be app-friendly. will be following your adventures in the kitchen from now on!
(fellow pepperplate fan)

Lorenzo C. said...

Pepperplate tip:

On using Pepperplate, if you have a mobile iOS device — the “add to Pepperplate” bookmarklet works just fine.

Add a bookmark, then go back and edit it and drop-in the javascript. Then whenever you see a recipe that you want to save to Pepperplate, just click on the bookmark in your Safari browser.

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