christmas or a bridal shower?

i'd post the food, but frankly, the take is more fun...

not only am i now the proud owner of the following things...

From Pampered Chef:
a baking stone...


adjustable measuring cup, measuring spoon and a baby spatula (little things are just way cuter, arent they???)

measuring cup

measuring spoon


and from elsewhere -

a Cuisinart Smart Stick (immersion blender, complete with whisk and minichopper attachments)



my city garden (yay for fresh herbs!!!)


and a fab new cookbook,

but i also got one thing you cant find via any links or in any stores...

i got my own swag.



Deborah Dowd said...

What a great haul! I love the little measuring spoon, and how cool to have an apron with your own logo. I need to be more creative with my masthead! A very merry Christmas season and a new year filled with love and laughter!

roopa said...

You got an Aerogarden! I was contemplating getting one but I'm not 100% convinced it works, so I will need detailed feedback from you on it.

Yeah, seriously, my birthday presents were all kitchen-related. Who have we turned into???? Martha Stewart would be proud.

beagle said...

I love the apron! I have the round baking stone and I love it. Pizza cooked on it is so awesome and cookies always come out more even. Pampered chef is so great!

Critics' Pick Admin said...

The apron is AWESOME.

I've just augmented my wish list based on some of your gifts. And I thought I had EVERYTHING (now that I finally got my awesome Pampered Chef Ultimate Mandolin for Christmas)!

BTW, sorry I've been so lax in reading. But I just added you to My Yahoo! Right at the top. Well, right under the Ghost Hunters blog, but still... (If I ever am as in love with you as I am with them, we both have a serious issue. ;-))

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