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last week when blog war! started, i joked to Roopa that she would probably grow her own caco and sugar cane and make her chocolate covered peeps from scratch... cause she's kinda fancy like that...

while she didnt quite go to those lengths, she did make her peeps as highbrow as one can make peeps, i think.

and frankly, i cant compete with that, so i decided to represent the 'dirty jerz' the best way i knew how and go 100% in the opposite direction - as low brow as possible...


at some point in the process, i thought about those peanut butter kandy kakes that i love so much and wondered what they would taste like with a peep instead of yellow cake... then it hit me...

chocolate covered sandwich peeps. oh.my.god.


fillings include:
fresh honey roasted peanut butter
lorna doones
chocolate chip cookie dough

but the best part is the coating... because, if we're going for trash, then i'm committing...

bunnies had to die.

slowly and painfully.

and then the peeps had to be double coated...

ok, only some of them had to be double coated... because i ate some before i had gone and gotten more milky, waxy chocolate - this time in the form of eggs...
and i was much better with the second set, so they only required one layer (if you cant tell, the peep on the left is double coated, the one on the right is single coated).
In hindsight, single coated is the way better option...

turns out i was right - peanut butter kandy kakes with peeps instead of cake ROCK...
(single coated)

and the rest are, surprisingly, not so bad either...
(double coated)

Chocolate coated sandwich peeps
courtesy of me

1 package peep bunnies
6 oz cheap easter milk chocolate
filling of your choice

cut peeps in half with sharp knife
spread/place filling in the middle and close the sandwich back up
poke with a toothpick
melt chocolate - microwave style*, please. after all this is the dirty jerz version...
dip each into melty chocolate and place on wax or parchment paper
refrigerate until chocolate is hardened

eat without irony.

*break chocolate apart and put into microwave, at 50%, for 2 mins. remove and stir. continue to melt in 30 - 45 second increments, still at 50% until chocolate is consistency you desire.


roopa said...

Brilliant that you coated the Peep bunnies (how did you cut them in half and not smush them?!?) with chocolate bunnies!

Don't Peeps taste SO much better when there's a ton of other stuff on them?

BTW, I don't think you should be eating Peeps because they contain gelatin and you are violating your vegetarianism by eating them.

Maria said...

That is so clever! I love the pictures of the chocolate bunnies melting.

kristen said...

ROOPA! thats what i thought too! but then i read this awesome comment on your blog and found out that they MUST be gelatin free, if you used them ;)

Anonymous said...

I showed this picture to my husband. You should have seen his eyes light up! Thanks!

Maggie M. said...

ooh these look so tempting! thanks for visiting my blog :)

Erika_Scarlett said...

I think this is my favorite recipe EVER!!!

Susan said...

OMG. The picture of the crushed dying chocolate bunnies will keep me smiling all day. You are a kulinary genius. Kulinary with a K.

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