signs of summer, pt 2


Not until i moved to manhattan did i discover my love of cherries... I'm not sure why - my sister always ate them when we were growing up (and still does - by the lb-full!)

However, for the past 5 tax seasons, there were always 2 things i looked forward to once April rolled around - the end of the 7832687 hour work weeks and the beginning of cherry season...

In those years, i've learned a few things... dont buy them til the price starts dropping... not cause i'm being cheap, but because thats when they are best. and pick the dark ones - but not the soft, wrinkly ones... oh yeah, i totally pick them out one by one... i'm that girl.


I call this my 'french girl' dinner... a few years back, i read an article on differences between our eating habits and those of our much more sophisticated and THIN frenemies across the ocean - and it was this... they eat GOOD food... for that entire summer, i adopted a new food philosophy... full fat, full flavor, fresh fresh fresh.

and I'll have you know i lost weight eating things like the the 'french girl dinner'...

French Girl Dinner
courtesy of me

1/3 of a freshly made baguette

small wedge of peppered brie

handful of carefully selected cherries

there really are no directions - tear that baguette, smear some brie on and be sure to wash those cherries...

sit, smile smugly and enjoy :)

1 comment:

Susan said...

Ah, I see... The French girl diet is 1/3 of a baguette and "small" slice of brie. That's where I'm going wrong! Whole baguette and HUGE chunk of brie is the Americanized version. Right to the thighs baby, right to the thighs...

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