speaking of the french...

you know those people who claim to like rice cakes?

you totally thought they were liars too, right? all "oh, rice cakes are good! i really think they totally make a great snack! i mean the chocolate flavored ones are almost like eating cake!!!"

i've always just looked at those people and wondered what chemicals, exactly, were in those rice cakes and was the government aware of the hallucinogens being transported via rice cake?

well kids - i've figured out the secret... its the perfect-storm combination of the american diet of rice cakes and water combined with all of the decadance of the french diet.

i owe Carolyn a debt of gratitude (did i get that saying right? if not, you know what i mean anyway...) for mentioning her 'altercation' with a jar of nutella... it reminded me that i, too, had nutella!

oh, my intentions were good... the supermarket had these awesome 'homemade rice crackers' - i dont know what they are, exactly, but they are bigger than a full sized pita bread and have 18 calories each and dont taste like ass, so they seemed suitable for scooping some tuna salad...

tuna salad got old and then my brain played rewind and thought - NUTELLA...

thanking god for my good fortune at having a jar and thanking the makers of nutella for making it fairly un-perishable (and therefore not an expired jar in my cabinet) i spread some of that chocolately hazelnutty goodness on that 18 calorie rice cracker and fatted & caloried the whole thing right up :)


the only problem i'm having? that whole 'portion control' thing that the french have down pat...

The Perfect Storm
courtesy of me

rice cakes or crackers (preferably fresh & 'homemade')

spread approximately 1 tbsp of nutella on an ~8in rice cracker.
Keep the layer fairly thin.

break into smaller pieces and eat while watching lightening dancing outside of your window.

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