i've had bloggers block... sorry...

and this isnt exactly rocket science that i'm about to post but when bloggers block hits, there's little one can do but ride it out... (if you must know, i chose to ride it out over some white water while sitting in a tube up in the catskills. a few bruises later, hopefully i've shaken out some of the cobwebs...)

anyway, back to cheat-a-pizza...

so i'm on the phone one night chatting with my friend Sherri while making myself some of the ever-impressive pita pizza that college girls everywhere call gourmet dinner and i mentioned it... she mis-heard and thought i said cheat-a-pizza and laughed and well, the name stuck...


Perhaps one of the easiest things to make for dinner and also incredibly versitile... the only thing that i think one needs to keep in mind is this - if you arent using 'pizza sauce' (i wont judge you for using the store-bought stuff, i mean, it took me over a month to blog about this - i can hardly be judgemental), make sure to thicken up whatever you are using... the first time i made this i tried just using a basic tomato sauce and it was way too watery... the second time, i thickened it up with some tomato paste and that seemed to do the trick... if you dont have tomato paste but want to thicken your sauce up, just throw it in a sauce pan and heat it up for a little while - if you put it over medium heat, it should thicken up real quick - just be careful as if you leave it too long, you'll burn it...

courtesy of me

one large size whole wheat pita
1/4 c tomato sauce
1 tbsp tomato paste
~20 herbed baby bocchini (fresh mozzarella, about the size of gumballs often packed with some oil and italian herbs. or could use plain and add more of your own herbs. You could also sub in any fresh mozzarella and just chop it up)
1 oz(?) oregon blue cheese, crumbled (not sure of the amount but not too much - maybe about golf ball size, pre-crumbling?)
red pepper flakes
italian seasoning

Preheat oven and pizza stone to 350

mix tomato sauce and paste together

spread on pita, leaving 1/2 in border all around

arrange bocchini evenly on sauce

arrange oregon blue cheese around the bocchinis. remember that a little blue goes a LONG way and use sparingly.

season with any combination of red pepper, italian seasonings (oregano, basil or the good ol italian mix), garlic powder, salt, pepper, whatever... or save those for after it comes out - up to you!

Place on pizza stone (be careful - stone is HOT) and cook ~8 minutes or until cheese is nice and melty.... let sit for 2 - 3 minutes before cutting to allow cheese and sauce to 'set up' a bit...

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roopa said...

I want some. Make me pizza!!! PIZZA!!!!

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